Michaela Foundation

Michaela Foundation

Michaela Foundation aims to support and inspire young people to lead happy and confident lives without limits.

Michaela Foundation’s programmes revolve around five core elements; Fun, Fashion, Faith, Wellbeing and Irish Language/culture.

Michaela Foundation recognises that people today are experiencing more pressure than ever. They are bombarded with mixed messages dictating how they should look and behave. They often believe that they have to succeed at everything they do and create impossibly high standards resulting in a host of physical and emotional issues. Michaela Foundation wants to support and inspire young people through this stage of their lives making every young person they work with to feel loved, valued and talented. To achieve this, with the help of hundreds of trained volunteers, Michaela Foundation delivers activities throughout the island of Ireland.

Michaela Foundation offers summer camps, workshops, talks and retreats.
Michaela Foundation’s most successful initiative is the National Summer Camp program for girls aged 11-13. At Camp, leaders provide an enriching and welcoming environment full of fun with activities in each of five core elements. Since the first Camp was established in 2012, Michaela foundation has delivered over 70 Camps.

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Registered charity: NIC105705.